Eco Bash 2022

The Eco Reps hosted a day of workshops to unite the BB&N community in the fight against climate change Every … More

2022 GAINS Conference Wrap-Up

The three-day-long virtual GAINS conference took place this April (4/7/22 and 4/8/22) Editors’ Note: The website can only display one … More

Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology course is an advanced course designed for juniors and seniors who are interested in learning about the diversity … More

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies elective, offered to upperclassmen, provides students with a historical and scientific perspective on human interaction with the … More

Experimental Biology

BB&N’s Experimental Biology class is a great opportunity for anyone interested in biology who loves being in the lab! Students … More

Anatomy + Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology, taught by Dr. Gatti, is a class that picks up where freshman biology ends. With a focus … More

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of the few science electives whose main focus is chemistry. Unlike the general chemistry course, organic … More