Don’t Bash the Eco Bash!

A day of environmental learning

On Wednesday, April 24th, instead of the usual BB&N classes, students arrived for the annual Eco Bash, a school-wide event centered around environmental awareness, organized by the Ecoreps club. The day started with a poem from Creative Writing Club and a speaker, Dustin Tingley, who explained the effects of different energy sources on the environment. 

After the assembly, students returned to the commons, which hosted stands from BB&N fourth graders displaying different clean energy sources and outside organizations, including Carla Shaw Sustainable Fashion and Craic Hot Sauce.

Ethan Miner ’25, one of the event’s student organizers, said, “Our goals were to have it be educational and fun for everybody.” He explained how they wanted to highlight workshops from many student leaders when preparing for Eco Bash. With over 30 workshops, the event had offerings ranging from a zoo field trip to a smoothie-making course. 

Alongside these activities, there were also informational workshops that covered broader subjects. At these sessions, students could learn about specific environmental activism sectors such as sustainable investing and green eating. 

Of course, organizing such a significant event can present challenges. “Scheduling and getting everything to run smoothly is always a struggle. Getting people to attend can be a struggle as well,” Ethan said, but in the end, he was happy with the result and eager to plan for next year. Looking around and seeing the enthusiasm for the event, it seems as though Eco Bash has become an informative, entertaining tradition that provides a break from the Spring workload.