The CTR Senior’s STEM SSP Internships

SSP is a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby, skill, or interest. Seniors chose to pursue anything from playing Dungeons and Dragons to learning American Sign Language. Furthermore, many of BB&N’s dedicated STEM-loving seniors have chosen to apply themselves to STEM-related internships.

In BB&N’s Current Topics and Research in Science and Technology class (CTR) seniors were encouraged to pursue internships covering many STEM topics for their Spring trimester. Here are some of the highlighted internships from the course: Jasmine Xing and Kate Zhu have internships in biology and biotechnology, Ari Kung has an internship in neuroscience, Lucy Greenup has a nuclear engineering internship, and Kevin Winschel has a physical therapy internship.

In my own internship at the Tufts Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, I work under Dr. Athena Eyster to study geoscience. Together, we have worked to build my foundational knowledge of geology and geochemistry. In the coming weeks, we will be working on several projects regarding iron formations and the history of ancient oxygen in the ocean and atmosphere. I will be gaining complex skills such as coding, creating visual data, and writing scientific reports. One element of my internship that I’m excited about is the opportunity to work in a geology lab and use tools such as the rock saw.

The CTR seniors will reap the benefits of this professional internship experience in their collegiate studies, and we are all excited to see how these internships shape our skills and interests in the coming weeks of SSP!