MEDScience at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School’s MEDScience summer program fosters an innovative, hands-on experience for high school students with various problem-solving and skill-cultivation opportunities. During the summer, MEDScience programs occur weekly from the beginning of June to the middle of August. For each one-week course, program attendees strengthen their creative thinking skills with at least two medical simulations and one skill each day. Each simulation involves a medical mannequin with a microphone through which MEDScience instructors convey the medical mystery. Students ask the mannequin questions and learn how to build on past knowledge and apply new information to the emergency at hand. Some diagnoses include gallstones and environment-induced asthma attacks. During the skills section of the day, students practice intubating, inserting IVs, and conducting CPR on medical models. The Harvard Medical School MEDScience program is a wonderful opportunity to understand the roles biology and chemistry play in medicine and to meet people from all around the country (additional perks include Harvard Medical School merch and a stethoscope)! 

Applications for HMS MEDScience are typically due in February. For more information, visit:

Aleeza Riaz ‘25 practicing intubation at HMS MEDScience.