Engineering Principles and Practice

The BB&N course planning guide describes Engineering Principles and Practices as a “hands-on, project-based course.” This means that the majority of classwork involves learning engineering skills that will be useful to students in their lives beyond BB&N through many practical applications. Shane Hanafin ‘22 enjoys the course because it’s “a great introduction to the field and a very effective presentation of the relevance and importance of engineering itself.” While engineers at BB&N are only able to take this class for one year, it opens the door to a multitude of interests in the future such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering, engineering ethics, and environmental engineering — all disciplines covered by the course. Shane remarked, “I believe engineering is a fundamental field in solving physical problems or inefficiencies that are prevalent in the world.” In addition to the problem-solving skills built in the course, students have the opportunity to take field trips to learn about real manufacturing processes. The prerequisites of this course are Physics, Algebra 2, and Geometry. If you are interested in this course, be sure to look out for it in the Program Planning Guide next year or get in contact with Mr. Willey.