Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology course is an advanced course designed for juniors and seniors who are interested in learning about the diversity of marine environments, the biology of marine organisms, and the relationship between marine animals and their surroundings. The course explores a wide range of topics including the ocean environment, the various ecosystems in the oceans, and the comparative physiology of the diverse species that inhabit the oceans. Through field trips to local marine centers, lab-based investigations, and research projects, students are encouraged to explore connections to global marine conservation issues. In this year’s Marine Ecology course, students took a field trip to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (c. the CHASM fall issue), where they got to witness how oceanographers work. In class, they have done various presentations on important marine-related environmental issues and are currently working through a unit on dissection, featuring dissected clams, squid, crawfish, and starfish. Sophie Li ‘22, a current student in the class, said “Marine Ecology encompasses exactly what I was looking for in a science elective — the opportunity to dive into a specific scientific study that reflects my interests.”